The Privacy Suite

The modules of the Privacy Suite relieve you of the essential tasks in data protection. Getting started is easy, the Privacy Suite has an intuitive design and the modules interact. You only have to enter data once – the Privacy Suite does the rest for you.


Dashboard – overview everything

Customizable start page

All relevant activities at a glance or aggregated data for management? Our customizable dashboard offers over 10 different widgets that allow you to customize your homepage.

RoP module: directory of processing activities

The core of the Privacy Suite with all processes in all business areas: the RoP module. This is where you capture your records of processing activities.

You will be guided through the necessary steps and record your processes. That can be business processes or individual systems. When you have completed your entries, create your records of processing activities as a PDF or Word document with one click.

Guided user input

With guided input forms, the Privacy Suite guides you through all the steps when entering your data. And: it is flexible enough so that you can add your individual questions and processes. This makes it easy to expand the Privacy Suite exactly according to your requirements.

Optimized workflow

With the multi-stage workflow you ensure the quality of the entered data and thus of the result. Inputs from different users can be checked and released before they go to the next process stage.

Screening module: recognizing risks

A flexible and freely configurable control system identifies high-risk processes. In addition to a standardized evaluation, this also enables the processing of large amounts of data.

Automated determination of risk factors

From our many years of experience in data protection, we have developed a comprehensive set of rules that automatically, content-based identifies, reveals and documents risk factors in your business processes. The rule base can be expanded by configuration. B. in the event of changes in the law or the Group’s own risk factors, which can be easily installed. At the same time, measures can be defined to reduce identified risks.

DPIA module: data protection impact assessment

The last step: the data protection impact assessment. Develop risk profiles in the Privacy Suite and create consistent risk assessments. Our risk values ​​offer you a good basis – and can be individually expanded. With the report templates you can flexibly create documentation and reports.

Rule-based and automated

The risk assessment automatically determines risks for each process and calculates a risk value. You can get an assessment quickly and can cluster or sort processes in risk groups.

Individual risk management

Risks and measures can also be recorded manually. The risk editor enables easy registration and adjustment of risks and countermeasures. At the end of the process, you have a clear assessment of your business process.

Settings and customization

Data protection management can be complex and at the same time very individualized. In order to make the Privacy Suite perfectly usable for your company, we offer extensive options for configuring and adapting the software to your needs.

Detailed access management

We support a multi-level access and authorization concept. Role-based, each user can be granted individual authorizations. All data is protected by various access models and associated authorizations.

Easy adaptation to your needs

We offer a wide range of options to adapt the Privacy Suite easily. For instance, you can specify individual answer options that are only available to selected users can be specified . This makes it easier for your employees to collect data in a targeted manner.

Technical details

Browser based solution

The Privacy Suite comes as a web application without installation on your computers. Using popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, every user can work with the Privacy Suite without cumbersome setup. The hardware requirements remain low.

Cloud option

With our SaaS-solution (Software as a Service), you don’t have to worry about secure hosting. Our servers are located in Germany and we work with encrypted data. Our software team ensures that we can also connect individual solutions.

On-premise option

If you prefer to host on your own infrastructure, this is also possible. We will be happy to help you set up, install and commission the Privacy Suite in your internal infrastructure.