AI for Privacy

Using artificial intelligence to identify and assess data protection risks

AI for Privacy

The AI for Privacy module of the Privacy Suite makes data protection in companies even more efficient and of higher quality. With AI for Privacy, users can more quickly identify existing risks and learn how to assess them. The AI-supported module of the Privacy Suite ensures tailor-made results in data protection risk identification and risk assessment.

  • Automated data collection
  • More efficient editing
  • Higher data quality for more security
  • Self-learning database, fed by global expert knowledge
  • Individual risk assessment and evaluation possible
  • Proposals to regulate the risks
  • Knowledge transfer across company boundaries
  • Increased user knowledge

The users of the Privacy Suite are free to choose which solutions from the AI module they would like to adopt. Whether all, none or parts of the solution: the decision is as individual as the company. The risk management remains flexible and individual for the tailor-made solution.

Knowledge Transfer

Transferring cases to the case base enables knowledge transfer from user to user. All parties benefit from the establishment of a central swarm intelligence.

Transfer of results

It is up to the user to accept the suggestions of the CBR system. All, none or only parts of the solution can be adopted. This means that risk management remains as flexible and individual as necessary.

Public Funding

AI for Privacy was funded by the Distr@l funding program of the Hessian State Chancellery in the area of the Minister for Digital Strategy and Development.

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