Records of Processing

Recording and documentation of all processing activities in the company.

Overview Everything

The dashboard gives you an overview: all important information at a glance so that you know immediately what needs to be done.


All relevant processes at a glance or aggregated data for management? Our customizable dashboard offers over 10 different widgets that you can use to customize your home page.

Records of Processing

The core element of Privacy Suite with all processes in all business areas: the RoP module. This is where you capture your records of processing activities.

Supported process recording

You will be guided through the necessary steps and record your processes. These can be, for example, business processes or individual systems. When you have completed your entries, create your list of processing activities as a PDF or Word document with one click.

Guided user input

With guided input forms, Privacy Suite guides you through all the steps when entering your data. And: it is flexible enough so that you can add your individual questions and processes. This makes it easy to expand Privacy Suite exactly according to your requirements.

Intuitive Editor

Our intuitive editor workflow leads the user step-by-step through all the questions necessary to record the processing activity. Further conditional questions are only shown when they are really necessary.

Easy Customization

We offer a wide range of options to make it as easy as possible to adapt the Privacy Suite. Individual options that are only available to selected users can be defined for different business areas. This makes it easier for your employees to collect specific data.

Authorized users create new answers directly in the software. This means that no great technical know-how is required to carry out customizing.