Data Protection Impact Assessment

Development of risk profiles and document measures.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

The last step: Data Protection Impact Assessment. Develop risk profiles in Privacy Suite and create consistent risk assessments.

Standard Evaluation Model

Our risk values offer you a good basis - and can be individually expanded. With the report templates you can flexibly create documentation and reports.

Rule-based and automated

The risk assessment automatically determines risks for each process and calculates a risk value. You can get an assessment quickly and can cluster or sort processes in risk groups.

Individual risk management

Risks and measures can also be recorded manually. The risk editor enables easy registration and adjustment of risks and countermeasures. At the end of the process, you have a clear assessment of your business process.


If risk values are adjusted depending on the situation or if individual measures are applied directly to risks, the software makes these changes traceable. This ensures that the handling of risks remains traceable for future processing or audits.